Kambiz Shetabi MD, FACC

Kambiz Shetabi MD, FACC

  • SpecialtyInterventional Cardiologist

About Kambiz Shetabi

Dr Shetabi was born in Tehran, Iran. After finishing medical school in Iran, he started to practice in Tehran heart center for 3 years as a hospitalist and during that time, he was working with a group of experienced cardiologists in emergency room and coronary care unit. Working in Tehran heart center expanded his experience as well as his interest in cardiology and motivated him to pursue his next goal in life which was to become an Interventional cardiologist. Therefore, he moved to united states and started residency in Internal Medicine at Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, WI for three years. After completion of Internal Medicine residency, he joined a very busy cardiovascular fellowship program at Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee,WI and continued the formal training in adult cardiology for another three years. Later on, he accepted a position in Interventional cardiology fellowship program at St Luke’s hospital in Milwaukee. St Luke’s hospital is a tertiary hospital in Milwaukee with a huge patient population which provided Dr Shetabi a great opportunity to be exposed to different and complex cases in cardiology which would be an asset in his practice. Dr Shetabi had the opportunity to work with many experienced cardiologists during his fellowship and was able to perform and assist many procedures including percutaneous coronary, renal, carotid and peripheral arterial interventions.

Dr Shetabi also performed several research projects during cardiology fellowship and has multiple publications and presentations in national conferences. One of his latest projects which was about comparing early versus delayed invasive interventions in patients who present with acute heart attack which was presented in International academy of cardiology in Boston, MA in 2017.

Dr Shetabi is available for same day cardiovascular consultation both in the clinic and the hospital.

Procedures Offered By Dr. Shetabi

Percutaneous coronary intervention (Angioplasty and stenting)

Protected Percutaneous interventions with Impella

Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty and Stenting

Renal Artery Angioplasty and Stenting

Right Heart Catheterization and Shunt Screening